'Your Spa' Etiquette

How to receive the full benefits of Your Spa treatment at Four Points by Sheraton

Cancellation policy:  A 24 hour notice is requested for changes or cancellation. A full charge will be imposed for any cancellation less than 24 hours. Please keep in mind, arriving late for a service may require us to shorten the length of the treatment, with full charges applied so as not to inconvenience other clients. Take Time: give yourself plenty of time so that you can enjoy the steam, sauna prior to your service. This will relax and warm the muscles, which will aid in the therapeutic benefits of our treatments and services. We suggest arriving 30 minutes prior to your treatment should you wish to use the facilities, otherwise please arrive 15 minutes before your treatment starts.

Cell phone usage: Respect yourself and others users  - please turn off all communication devices (cell phone, pager...) prior to entering the Spa area. Tranquility is of utmost importance to enjoy Spa experience.

Your first appointment:  To help you gain maximum benefit from your treatment, it is important that we are aware of your treatment preferences & any medical concerns. Kindly complete the Spa consultation form. Also it is a known fact that everybody has a different skin type. To assure the best service for "Your Spa" treatment, please give on your consultation form full information. Your  therapist will review with you the information to ensure that she (he) understands your expectations & makes suitable recommendations for you.

Sauna or steam time:  Spending time in the sauna/steam room can ease tension headaches, & make you feel loose, relaxed, it stimulates your immune system but it should always be used to moderation. To warm & relaxed muscles, we recommend 10-15mins in the dry heat of sauna while 5-6mins is required in the steam room. Always think to refresh your body with a fresh shower.

Shower: A quick shower just before your massage or  treatment is relaxing and washes off any salts, minerals or chemicals that could clog pores when mixed with oils or other treatment products.

Treatment dress code: Unless the service description specifies otherwise, it is customary to wear suitable under wear/swimming costume. You will be given the opportunity to disrobe and cover yourself in privacy. Throughout your service your body will be draped with towels for modesty. At no time during the treatment should you  be fully exposed (no nudity!).Prior to any treatments, hair removal services/shaving are not recommended. 

Reservations: Schedule your appointment in advance to ensure your preferred treatment or therapist is available. Bookings made on the day or walk-in appointments are always welcome based on availability.

Communications: Prior to the start of your service, tell your therapist the areas you would like to focus on and any areas to be avoided during your service. Let the therapist know if you feel any discomfort (room temperature, massage pressure...). Communication is the key to getting full benefits from Your Spa at Four Points by Sheraton.

Let Go: Close your eyes and allow your mind to be free. Breathe deeply and let the tension slip away with each breath. Remember, this time is for you.

Gratuities: Gratuities should reflect your level of satisfaction with your service and your personal providers, therefore all gratuities are left solely at your discretion. 10% is typical and our associates can assist you with guidelines.

Disclaimer: Your Spa and fitness center is not responsible for any theft, damages, loss or misfortune that may occur. We recommend you to leave your personal valuable items in your safe in your room or make sure your locker is properly closed.

Alcoholic beverages and Spa: We recommend that you do not consume alcohol before or immediately after Spa treatment.

Feedback: Kindly notify us at the end of your treatment by completing our feedback form about your experience at "Your Spa". This information will help us to improve our services.

Spa Gift Certificates:  Special people deserve special gifts. Click here to purchase an online Spa gift voucher.

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